...but usually I'm just called ‘Mom’ by two adorable littles who I adopted as a single mom.  I place great emphasis on being an adoptive mother because in saying yes to them, God heard me saying yes to Him as well.  I knew the first time that I held my little boy in my arms, my life would never be the same.  I imagine most, if not all, parents feel the same way.  For me though, I wasn't only becoming a mom, what I was unaware of at that time, was that my 'Yes' opened up the energy for an incredible spiritual journey which by no means has been without struggles. It was through the isolated journey of an 'orphaned' adult child becoming a unique mom...through all of the uneasy and sometimes dark moments along the journey to rediscover the self by following the light and love of our Creator, where I found my soul’s calling to serve as a channel for healing, a guide for others in their spiritual discovery and to assist as they shape their own discernment processes. Through my own integration and healing, I am a better mother- a loving advocate and protector who remains present and holds space as my littles begin their own journey with the prayerful intention that they will not need to undergo the same healing process I did.

Divine purpose is often revealed via our interactions with others. People began coming to me in unexpected ways, seeking guidance on the process of healing, spiritual protection and discernment. When these requests increased substantially, I withdrew for several months and entered into a period of heavy discernment. To work openly and publicly as a Reiki Master and Spiritual Director with my own ministry is a decision I take seriously as a call by God/Spirit/Divine, not a business venture.

The lessons and wisdom I have gained throughout this journey, is my offering to you. 

All journeys are unique. We begin and end in different ‘spaces’. What is the same however, is the connected journey of love, pain, self-worth and acceptance.  My process is unique, and different spiritual/religious teachings, ancient healing practices, psychology, psychic abilities, and LOVE are my modalities.  I stand firmly behind the sentiment that if you are open and willing to receive while doing the work, you can absolutely heal yourself and thus your family line… just as I am.